We are a proud New Jersey registered SBE/WBE/MWBE Firm

We currently provide support and solutions across multiple states in partnership with CSC Service Works and UniMac.

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About us

Ah!gua Tech is an EAC Business branch based in Essex County, NJ.

Who we are

Experts in industrial specialized On-Premise-Laundry equipment
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Who we support

Our services & specialized equipment support emergency responders and more.

Our Focus

For Firefighters when response is in demand, the focus is life safety. Our focus is YOUR health and saftey.
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What we offer

Procurement processing and grant writing support.

Our Promise

We will help you get the equipment that you need to ensure your PPE is ready whenever you are.
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Firefighter Updates

Ah!gua Tech and CARES Act

In 2020 alone, we helped eight New Jersey fire departments acquire the equipment and funding they needed through CARES and FEMA grants.

Schedule a consultation with us and we can help with the grant proposal process in addition to selecting the right equipment.

Fire Department
Passaic, NJ
Jersey City
Fire Department
Jersey City, NJ
Fire Department
Bloomfield, NJ
Fire Department
Elizabeth, NJ
Fire Department
Trenton, NJ
Little Falls
Fire Department
Little Falls, NJ
Fire Department
Morristown, NJ
Fire Department
Sayreville, NJ
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Fire Dept. References

Bloomfield, New Jersey, Fire Department Badge

Chief Venezia

Bloomfield FD - Essex County

Chief Echavarria

Millburn FD - Essex County

Jersey City, New Jersey, Fire Department Badge

Chief DiGuilio

Jersey City FD - Hudson County

Fire Departments Served

Specialized On-Premise-Laundry

Best-in-Class Rinse Technology

Ah!gua Tech offers Commercial and Industrial Laundry Equipment with best-in-class rinse technology.

Procurement Processing Support

Ah!guaTech offers efficient communications and prompt administrative processing to ensure timely purchase orders are expedited, and receipt and installation of equipment is optimal.

Grant Writing Support

Ah!gua Tech offers support to Fire Department personnel with their federal and privately-sourced grant writing efforts.

Featured OPL Product
UW Pocket Hardmount Washer-Extractor
UW Pocket Hardmount Washer Extractor

Intuitive full color control display

Includes pre-programmed cycles made for firefighters

Compliant with NFPA 1851 standards

Optimized for safe and effective washing of PPE

Optimized for safe and effective washing of PPE

Uses specialized rinsing technology based on spraying

Built to last even with constant use

Featured UniMac Product
Firefighter's PPE Drying Cabinet
Firefighters PPE Drying Cabinet

Intuitive full color control display

Includes pre-programmed cycles made for firefighters

Compliant with NFPA 1851 standards

Optimized for safe and effective washing of PPE

Optimized for safe and effective washing of PPE

Uses specialized rinsing technology based on spraying

Built to last even with constant use

UniMac PPE Decontamination Best Practices
UniMac FireLinc Feature Descriptions
UniMac FireLinc App Functionality

Technical Sales & Grant Assistance

Elisa Charters Headshot

Elisa A. Charters

Procurement Assistance

Health & Safety

Grant Writing Support
Founder of
EAC Business International LLC &
Ahgua Tech Solutions

Raymond Fusco Sr Headshot

Raymond Fusco Sr.

NJ/PA Regional
Sales Representative

CSC Service Works
Super Laundry

Founder of RAF Equipment Co.

Howard Corky Goldberg Headshot

Howard Corky Goldberg


Textiles Specialist

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Partnering with Dedicated Educators on Health & Safety

Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Ribbon

“Preventing firefighter cancer is every firefighters responsibility.  Firefighters need to take charge and control how much smoke exposure and other toxins they absorb, keep their gear clean, keep their apparatus clean, and hook up the exhaust extractors.  Governments can have all the presumptive legislation we want, but once we get cancer it is too late.  Take the precautions now!”

 Captain Brenner, Millburn FD

We Support
Educational Opportunties on Cancer Prevention

We know the only way you truly understand a subject is by practicing it in a real environment. Here are some of the fundamentals when it comes to protecting your health and safety:

  • Change Your PPE After Every Fire
  • Always Shower After Every Fire
  • Never Place Dirty PPE In Living Areas
  • Clean Your PPE Regularly (NFPA1851)
  • Exhaust is Deadly
  • Remember To Get Yearly Physicals

We Actively Engage with Experts on Cancer Prevention

At EAC Business International/Ahgua Tech Solutions we are taking our roles and responsibilities seriously by attending, learning and sharing the important updates on prevention practices and the reduction of cancer risk in the U.S. Fire Service.  

We are grateful for the dedication of all experts who presented on behalf of the scientific, academic, firefighting, government, and labor/management communities.

  • 2021 – Ahgua Tech Solutions introduced to the National Firefighter Cancer Symposium (NFCS) — jointly hosted by the First Responder Center for Excellence (FRCE) and the Firefighter Cancer Initiative (FCI)

  • 2022 – Ahgua Tech sponsored the NJ Firefighter Cancer Prevention Seminar hosted by the Millburn FD and NFCS leaders.

NFPA Member

NFPA delivers information and knowledge through more than 300 consensus codes and standards, research, training, education, outreach and advocacy; and by partnering with others who share an interest in furthering its mission:  to help save lives and reduce loss with information, knowledge and passion.

Ah!gua Tech Solutions focuses on NFPA1851 code conformance pertaining to PPE.

NFPA Membership Logo 2021
Firefighter On Ladder Spraying Hose

Ah! We support Career & Volunteer Fundraising Efforts

2022 – We supplied each member of the Millburn FD with a donation of decontamination Flame Decon Body Wash & Shampoo.

2021 – Silent Auction Sponsor of the NJ Career Fire Chief’s Annual Conference.

2019 – EAC Business was the Lead Luncheon Sponsor of the NJ Career Fire Chief’s Golf Outing.

Showroom Visits

Showroom Hours

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, by appointment only.

CSC Service Works

Contact: Elisa Charters CSCSW NJ/PA Regional Sales Support
Phone: 973-650-1953
Email: Elisa.Charters@eacbusiness.com

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